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Annie Borgenicht
Growing up in the Catskill Mountains the mountains and their forests have always been a part of me. I now have the privilege of living half a 
year in the mountains. I am drawn to paint the spirit and the beauty that is there.

I began to paint 15 years ago. I was inspired to paint while dealing with chronic pain caused by degenerative disc disease. Expressing my creative self helped me deal with pain. I began painting lying on the floor on pillows and painted from my inner being. After some time doing this I was interested in painting what I saw and felt and have explored many modalities.

My pain diminishes while painting and I paint from an inner source which guides my work This brings me joy and healing. I allow the colors and textures to show me what they want to say. I love the exploration of color, texture.  I continue to explore and look for my artistic voice. I paint with various mediums painting abstract and landscape. Part of my artistic desire is that my paintings express the joy and peace being in nature can bring us and thus bring pleasure into this world.

One artist wrote recently that he wished everyone would paint 15 minutes a day with the belief that it would bring more peace to our world. I paint with the dream that it brings some peace to these times.  

Watercolor on yupo paper
"Winter Woods"
5"x 7"
Oil on Paper
"Red Winter Sky"
10"x 12"
Watercolor on yupo paper
"Purple Mist"
Oil on paper
"Person in Boat"
12"x 15"
Watercolor on paper
Watercolor and ink on paper
Watercolor on yupo
"Glowing Birches"
Watercolor on yupo
"Fall to Winter"
Oil on paper
Acrylic on paper
Oil on paper
"Apple Blossom"
Oil on board
"After Irene"