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Linda Hiatt Waldschmidt

As a child, Linda loved to draw, especially animals, and people. After 
raising her three daughters in the scenic Town of Catskill, New York,
 she took an oil painting class. It was then she discovered an innate 
desire to capture the beauty around her and has spent much of her time painting the blue misted Catskill Mountains with abundant waterfalls, streams, the Hudson River and 
Catskill Creek.  

Linda’s paintings have been exhibited locally and many are available for purchase. The finest oil paints are used and are most often executed on stretched linen or board. Prices are listed with the title and size.

Oil on linen
"Rip's View From Inspiration Point"
16" X 20"
Oil on linen
"God Shed his Grace On Thee"
24"x 30"
Oil on linen
"Site Of The Catskill 
Mountain House"
24" X 36"
Oil on linen
"View From Kiskatom With Cows"
36" X 48"
Oil on linen
"Ladies in Wading"
12"x 16"
Oil on linen
"Summer Along the Hudson"
16"x 20"
Oil on linen
"Summer On the Catskill Creek"
11"x 14"
Oil on linen
"Winter in Kiskatom"
24"x 36"
Oil on linen
"View From The Mountain House"
12" X 16"
Oil on canvas
"View Along The Hudson"
16" X 20"
Oil on linen
16" X 20"
Oil on Linen
"View From Olana"