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Mara Lehmann
“To be in the country among the trees, rolling hills, blue sky and earth. To walk along a wooded path and visually drink in all the surrounds me. To take a deep breath and inhale the crisp clean air. To exhale amid the beauty of nature before me. To give a sigh and feel at peace with myself and my surroundings. To capture on canvas these feelings of tranquility evoked by nature. This has always been my endeavor as well as my source of inspiration.”
About the Artist:

Mara has recently moved to upstate New York. She resided in New Jersey for over thirty years, employing her talents as a textile designer, graphic design artist and art instructor. She has taught oil painting at an Adult Education Center and has run arts programs for several youth groups, day camps and after school programs.

Growing up in New York, she began oil painting lessons at age ten. Family travels, as well as escapes into the country often proved to be inspiring subject matter for her paintings, and still are to this day. Mara paints simple, quiet scenes of country roads, river inlets, working farms and wooded paths in a traditional, representational style. She endeavors to capture the nature beauty and serenity of the countryside on her canvases, using subdued colors, forceful tones and shifting lights and shadows.  Mara Lehmann: (518) 589-3957

Mara Lehmann is represented by Windham Fine Arts Gallery
5380 Main Street
PO Box 382
Windham, NY 12496

ML - Winter  Creek 16x20
ML - Winter Pass 30x40
ML- Approaching Autmn 24x20
ML- Autumn Glow 18x24
ML-Autumn Farm 14x18
ML-Breath of Winter 16x20
ML-Fishing North Lake   14x18
ML-Frozen Over North Settlement  Hilltop 22x30
ML-Late Afternoon Glow 8x10
Nestled In for Winter 24x36.JPG
ML-Nestled In for Winter 24x36
ML-Glimmer on Ice 18x14
Winter Creek 16x20  Oil on Linen
Winter Pass 30x40  Oil on Linen
Frozen Over North Settlement Hilltop 22x30  Oil on Linen
 Autumn Glow 18x24  Oil on Linen
Breath of Winter 16x20  Oil on Linen
Fishing North Lake 14x18  Oil on Linen
Autumn Farm 14x18  Oil on Linen
Late Afternoon Glow 8x10  Oil on Linen
Nestled In for Winter 24x36  Oil on Linen
Snow Swept Afternoon at Cunningham Acres 24x36  Oil on Linen
Glimmer on Ice 18x14  Oil on Linen
Approaching Autmn 24x20  Oil on Linen