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About Us
 We are a diverse group of accomplished, professional  landscape artists who hike to select locations in the  Catskills and the Hudson Valley of New York State.
 There we set up our easels
 to do plein air paintings
 and sketches of nature
 as we find it.

After some of our members had worked together informally for many years, in 2005 they started to paint in the field on a regular basis, and continued throughout the winter in each other’s studios, thereby forming the Guild. 
Because of our interest in these locations for our paintings, our 
support for each other as a com-
munity of artists, and the in-spiration we’ve found in the work
 of the Hudson River School of
 artists, we call ourselves the 
Hudson River Artists Guild.
We now number twelve artists. All of our members have exhibited their paintings in group, as well as solo, shows, both locally and regionally. 
Sheila Trautman
Michelle Moran
Mara Lehmann
Patti Ferrara
Carol Slutzky-Tenerowicz
Athena Billias
Annie Borgenicht
Marianne Tully
Linda Nicholls
Susan Kukle 
Linda Waldschmidt
Jamie Williams Grossman